Convenient Genesis Car Repair in Riverdale

In any relationship, you have to continually show that you care for them just as much now as you did in the beginning-if not more. Most dealerships attract you with their luxury cars, but what about after that? At Genesis of Union City, we show that we care for you long after you've purchased your vehicle.

When you buy a genesis for your Riverdale, GA commutes, that's just the beginning of your luxury experience. Sure, we know that it's the appealing framework and upmarket comfort that drew you to your choice. That's the initial attraction, but it takes more to keep you satisfied throughout your term with us. You'll know that you're driving a luxury vehicle in Atlanta, but you'll also feel like you are-every mile of the way.

We care for you just as much now, as we did before.

That's why our Genesis Service Valet helps separate us from the rest of the pack. Go ahead and stay in the comfort of your home. Besides, whether your car needs a major or minor repair, you shouldn't risk your safety trying to bring it to us.

While our trained technicians work diligently to repair your issues, we'll supply you with a loaner at an equal or greater value than your vehicle. That way, you still have the freedom to continue your plans for the day. Once your vehicle is repaired, we will contact you and set up a re-delivery time. We've got you covered from Stockbridge to College Park.

Our Service Valet is available for the original purchaser of the vehicle from an authorized Genesis retailer. It extends for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Spend your days off in Fayetteville hanging out with your family instead of in a repair shop. Contact us or schedule your pick-up today. We're looking forward to seeing you again.